Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Playground and Outdoor Classroom

Playground AND Classroom
BCI Burke Is Reinventing the Outdoor Classroom

Discover a whole new way to learn and play with these elements incorporated into your playground design.  Click Here for BCI Burke's Outdoor Classroom

Fitness Play, Motion Play, Tactile & Auditory Play, Social Play, Early Play Centers, Ground Level Play Events and Imaginative Play. Provide a variety of separate areas for Shade, Rest and Age Appropriate Separate Play, Accessible Safety Surfacing, and Rest Areas. 

Let the professionals at Buell Recreation assist you in creating a custom playground design that fits the needs of your community.  Call 800-266-1250 or email for more information. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How To Fund Your Playground

Grant Opportunities and PTO Fundraising Resources

There's no question your student body is in need of a new playground, but just how long will they have to wait to get it? This is a problem many schools and supporters are challenged with when it comes to funding a new playground.  Buell Recreation works closely with PTO's and school personnel in the planning process, fundraising support and beyond.  We specialize in creating playgrounds that are specific to your unique needs, safe and appropriate for any age group, fitness oriented, inclusive and fun!

We have put together a useful list of resources that are available and help to speed up the funding process.  See the article below for more information.

playground grants, play equipment resources, Northern California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah

Now available from BCI Burke, a complete and current database of Federal, State and Private Foundation grants available to schools and non-profit organizations including those with religious affiliations in the eight categories listed below: 
  • After-School
  • At-Risk/Character
  • Community Involvement/Volunteerism
  • Early Childhood
  • General Education
  • Health/PE
  • Family Services
  • Facilities/Maintenance


playground grants, play equipment resources, Northern California, Fundraising Buell Recreation
The Burke Funds for Fun® Play Kit Advantages:

  • Simplicity -- Easily organize your fundraiser, create documents and keep in touch with donors. 
  • Time Saving -- Use the Play Kit's fun and easy-to-use templates of essential documents. 
  • Availability -- Access your Play Kit information from any computer with Internet access 24/7!