Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Things That Will Instantly Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

We can have some fun with this! Didn't see yours on the list? Let's keep it going.....post it in the comments!

 1.  Eating a graham cracker or vanilla wafer.

 2.  Sleeping outside under the stars.

 3.  Riding in the back of a pickup truck.

 4.  Jumping off the swing.

5.  Riding the grocery cart all the way to the car.

6.  Playing catch in the back yard.

7.  Making a paper airplane.

8.  Catching a firefly.

 9.  Holding a frog in your hands. 

10. Playing a board game.

11. Flying a kite.

12. Packing yourself a brown bag lunch.

13. Floating the river on an inner tube.

14. Eating ice cream in a cone.

15. Sticking your head out of the car...while sitting in the back seat!

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Working Hard To Help You Play!

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